What are the Benefits offered by Balpa Financial Solutions to BALPA Members?

Balpa Financial Solutions has been offering financial advice and information to Balpa members on all financial matters since 1987.

We now offer a full range of services including the following:

  • Full Financial Planning for those who wish to benefits from a full time planner

  • A Financial Helpdesk which can offer guidance on all financial matters including Flying Licence and Trainee Pilot Insurance along with questions concerning matters suchs Airline Pension Schemes or Life Assurance Schemes.

  • Discount on Flying LIcense and Trainee Pilot Insurance.

  • Free Local Workshops and Seminars to discuss financial matters.

  • Online Guides and articles discussing the latest financial and legislative changes.

 If you wish to talk to us in more detail about any financial matters, simply call 020 8476 4100 or email BFS@balpa.org

We would be happy to hear from you.